JustQuarnantine.com – Website Update Log

- April 8, 2020

Week of April 5th 2020

  • Added Live Notifications of People Taking the Quiz
  • Added “Closed Cases” column to Cases by Country
  • Added Percentages to “Deaths” and “Recovered” column in Cases by Country
  • Launched Just Quarantine Covid-19 Probability Score Quiz
    • Added Login with Facebook
    • Added Login with Google
    • Share Score to Social Media
    • Custom Score Link
  • Added Donate / Buy us a Coffee Button
  • Added Order Medical Supplies Page
  • Various UI Updates, Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug on dashboard – Global Widgets Text getting covered in certain resolutions
  • Fixed Bug – Fixed Map and DataTable Toggle Buttons on Mobile

Week of March 29th 2020

  • Added Cases by US State as well as US County
  • Fixed Various API Issues
  • Improved Responsive functionality for mobile (DataTables and Mobile Menu)
  • JustQuarantine.com Launched
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