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Category: Shutdowns (Institutional)

After Quick Vaccine Success, Israel Faces New Virus Woes

Israel imposes a tighter lockdown as coronavirus infections soar, the British variant spreads, vaccines are running out and a debate erupts over its responsibility to the Palestinians.

The Pandemic Sank Auto Sales. Vaccines Could Bring Buyers Back.

Carmakers say new models should also help lift the industry in 2021, after a 15 percent decline in its slowest year since it recovered from the Great Recession.

La vida en el pueblo más afectado por el coronavirus en Estados Unidos

El coronavirus impactó a Gallup, un pequeño pueblo de Nuevo México ubicado cerca de las reservas de los pueblos nativos estadounidenses, que ahora es uno de los lugares más afectados del país.

‘Each Day Is Critical’: South Korea’s 11th-Hour Battle with Covid

Officials are racing to secure more I.C.U. beds after an explosion of infections caused a bottleneck of patients. If cases aren’t brought under control, the government may impose Level 3 restrictions for the first time in South Korea.

Fruit Flies Are Essential to Science. So Are the Workers Who Keep Them Alive.

Sustaining the world’s biggest Drosophila collection during the pandemic has been a challenge, but the people in Indiana who supply the insects to labs around the world stay dedicated to the task.