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Category: Politics and Government

In Minnesota, a G.O.P. Lawmaker’s Death Brings Home the Reality of Covid

Minnesota Republicans celebrated election victories with a gala party. A state senator’s death from Covid-19 underlined the consequences of the G.O.P.’s rejection of health experts’ guidance.

Vaccine Skepticism Helped Put Them in Power. Can They Inoculate Italy?

The Five Star Movement’s long history of sowing doubt about vaccines may have made Italy’s mass inoculation program that much harder. The irony is not lost on Italians.

After Quick Vaccine Success, Israel Faces New Virus Woes

Israel imposes a tighter lockdown as coronavirus infections soar, the British variant spreads, vaccines are running out and a debate erupts over its responsibility to the Palestinians.

U.K. Virus Surge Surpasses Spring Peak as Lockdown Choices Loom

Facing record case and hospital numbers and a threatening variant strain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to shut schools and reimpose national restrictions, measures he once decried.

U.K. Tightens Restrictions as Alarm About Virus Variant Grows

British officials said severely curtailing human contact was the only way to protect people. Efforts to restart trade stalled, with more than 5,000 trucks stuck at English ports.