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Category: Pelosi, Nancy

Answering Trump, Democrats Try and Fail to Jam $2,000 Payments Through House

In a brief bit of political theater, the House majority leader opened the House for business to ask for unanimous consent to accede to President Trump’s request for larger checks. A Republican objected.

How Trump Has Jeopardized Stimulus Relief

The president’s demand that Congress amend a giant coronavirus relief and government spending bill has raised the unexpected prospect that help may no longer be days away.

Staring Down Deadline, Congress Nears $900 Billion Stimulus Deal

The emerging compromise would provide emergency stimulus payments, jobless aid and rental assistance, extending help to businesses and funding the distribution of a vaccine. But more is likely to be needed.

Leaders in Congress Meet in Search of Spending and Stimulus Deals

The top four congressional leaders had their first in-person spending discussions in months, but were still short of a deal on a pandemic stimulus measure or a broader spending plan.

Lawmakers Inch Toward Compromise as Biden Confronts Slowing Recovery

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, spoke on Thursday as Joe Biden’s victory and vaccine breakthroughs added momentum to a push for a stimulus deal.

Top Democrats Back Compromise Plan to Revive Stimulus Talks

The Democratic leaders in Congress endorsed a $908 billion plan put forth by moderates in both parties, offering a significant concession in efforts to jump-start negotiations.