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Category: National Health Service

U.K. Virus Surge Surpasses Spring Peak as Lockdown Choices Loom

Facing record case and hospital numbers and a threatening variant strain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to shut schools and reimpose national restrictions, measures he once decried.

How the US, UK and Canada Will Roll Out the Covid Vaccine

Within days, all three countries could be giving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, but they have varying strategies and challenges. The U.S. plan, working through the states, is the least centralized.

Britain’s N.H.S. Takes on a Mass Vaccination Challenge

Britain left hospitals short of masks and gowns, and stumbled on testing and tracing, so can it vaccinate tens of millions of people in a matter of months? Experts think it can.

El Reino Unido aprobó primero la vacuna contra el coronavirus: ¿cómo fue su proceso?

Cuando los primeros resultados de las pruebas finales comenzaron a llegar, los científicos estaban bien preparados. Ahora, se enfrentan al reto logístico de poner la vacuna a trabajar.