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Category: India

A Mix of Pride and Doubts as Modi Launches India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Drive

One of the world’s largest inoculation programs is set to begin on Saturday, but experts have questioned the data behind one of the country’s two vaccines — and patients don’t get to pick their shot.

When Disaster Hits Home for a Global Aid Organization

Raj Shah, the head of the Rockefeller Foundation, spent a career working on disaster response in the developing world. The coronavirus pandemic has put his focus on the U.S.

India Approves Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine and 1 Other

The move, coming days after Britain became the first country to approve the AstraZeneca shots for emergency use, begins a vast campaign to inoculate the hard-hit nation’s 1.3 billion people.

Nepal’s Prime Minister, K.P. Sharma Oli, Calls for New Elections

The prime minister dissolved the lower house of Parliament, throwing into doubt the political fortunes of the Himalayan country, which has long swung between Beijing and New Delhi.


Las restricciones y el confinamiento del primer ministro Narendra Modi por el coronavirus provocaron un éxodo de trabajadores migrantes. El gobierno ofreció trenes especiales para llevarlos a casa. Pero los ferrocarriles propagarían el virus por todo el país.

The Virus Trains: How Lockdown Chaos Spread Covid-19 Across India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s coronavirus restrictions sent migrant workers fleeing. To get them home, the government offered special trains. But the trains would spread the virus across the country.