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Category: Immigration and Emigration

Barry Goldsmith, Who Escaped, Dropped Out and Came Back, Dies at 82

Mr. Goldsmith survived the Holocaust, immigrated to the United States and built a successful career as an architect, before abandoning his life for a commune — and then coming home. He died of complications of Covid-19.

A Trump Immigration Policy Is Leaving Families Hungry

The “public charge” rule was supposed to ensure that green cards go only to self-sufficient immigrants, but in the pandemic, it is driving up hunger and leaving Joe Biden with a quandary.

‘No podemos volver’: la travesía de 2400 kilómetros de una familia venezolana que no tiene hogar

Una madre y su hijo caminaron hasta que se les entumecieron los pies, durmieron en el bosque y se escondieron de la policía. Millones de personas fueron desplazadas por la pandemia. Pero muchos, como ellos, aún no han encontrado un hogar.