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Month: October 2020

The White House unloaded on Fauci after he called out Trump for allowing a neuroradiologist with no training with infectious disease to shape coronavirus strategy

As President Donald Trump fights his way through the final days of the presidential campaign denying the pandemic — by lashing out at doctors, disputing science and slashing the press for highlighting rising coronavirus case counts — the long-running rift between the White House and Dr. Anthony Fauci burst into the open Saturday night.

The President used a Midwestern campaign swing to push a baseless claim that medical workers are inflating the coronavirus death toll for profit

With three days to go in a campaign that’s been dominated by the pandemic, President Donald Trump made the baseless and politically perilous claim that American doctors are profiting from Covid-19 deaths during a visit to the critical electoral region of the Midwest, where former Vice President Biden offered a contrasting message about unity and

Four years after Trump won the senior vote, polling suggests Biden is doing better with that group than any Democrat in a generation

Jane Van Zandt is soaked. Her blue mittens are dripping. Her glasses keep fogging up. Her blue raincoat simply does not seem heavy enough to keep her warm against the bluster of a cold and rainy late October morning in Chester, New Hampshire. Yet, this 78-year-old offers no complaints as she holds her signs and